Schedule Initial Consultation

How do I request a legal consultation?

You can request to schedule a consultation by contacting us at (910) 763-2525 or emailing us at .

What is an initial consultation?

Your first meeting with an attorney at Seay Law Firm, PLLC is called an initial consultation. We like to sit down and meet with each potential client and learn more about the legal issues that you are facing. If you are unable to attend a consultation at our office in downtown Wilmington, we can sometimes accommodate you by meeting you at your residence or by conducting the consultation via phone conference.

Some potential clients simply wish to gather information at a one time meeting to learn more about their rights or obligations under North Carolina law.  Other prospective clients desire an extended legal representation or service. A consultation is a time when you can determine if you would like our firm to further assist you. An attorney at our firm must also determine whether we are able to represent you. In certain cases, we may refer you to another attorney that may be better suited to handle your particular situation. No attorney client relationship is formed from an initial consultation unless otherwise agreed by a Seay Law Firm attorney and the potential client.

How much will it cost?

We generally offer prospective clients an initial consultation at a flat fee rate of $200 to $250. In certain matters, such as probate orestate planning consultations, we may require no fee for an initial consultation. Contact us as at (910) 763-2525 to learn more about our firm's fees for legal consultations.

How long will it last?

An initial consultation typically lasts for thirty minutes to one hour.

What should I bring?

You should bring any and all documentation that may be relevant to your case, transaction, or estate. It is important for us to have all information so that we can properly serve you. We often request for potential clients to provide us digital copies via email prior to the consultation so that we can review beforehand.  In estate planning matters, we may send you an informational form to complete prior to the consultation so that we can better serve you.

Contact us to schedule your consultation