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Representation for Construction and Mechanics Lien Matters in North Carolina

The Construction Lien attorneys at Seay Law Firm, PLLC represent owners, contractors, and subcontractors with respect to lien claims throughout New Hanover County, Brunswick County, Pender County, and southeastern North Carolina.


Filing a Lien

Generally a claim of lien can provide assurances to contractors and certain subcontractors that they will receive payment for services rendered. A valid lien placed on real estate is often considered an encumbrance or defect on title to real estate and may delay or postpone a pending real estate transaction.In addition to liens on real property, a claim of lien on funds may also be used to procure payment for individuals and companies that have provided improvements to property .  


Seay Law Firm Lien attorneys can evaluate your situation and help you determine a proper course of action regarding your lien matter. We also advise clients on how to protect their lien rights in future projects.


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Disputes over non-payment to contractors and subcontractors can have serious financial and legal implications.  


For help securing your lien rights or removing a lien on your property, contact our office at (910) 763-2525 to discuss how we can assist you.



  1. Claim of Lien on Real Estate
  2. Claim of Lien on Funds
  3. Notice to Lien Agent
  4. Breach of Contract claims
  5. Waiver of Lien rights
  6. Subrogation of Lien rights

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