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Our firm assists clients with leasing and renting matters throughout southeastern North Carolina.

Our real estate attorneys help clients, both landlords and tenants, in drafting, creating, and interpreting lease and rental agreements. The attorneys at Seay Law Firm, PLLC also represent clients in conflicts, disputes, and litigation matters regarding leases.

It is almost always a good idea to have an attorney draft or review your lease before signing.

Our services include drafting, advising, counseling, and assisting with lease issues involving:

  1. Shopping center leases
  2. Health care provider leases
  3. Restaurant leases
  4. Office Leases
  5. Timber tract leases
  6. Hunting leases and licenses
  7. Car repair services leases
  8. Landlord/Tenant disputes and litigation
  9. Short-term leasing arrangements
  10. Subleasing
  11. Assignment of leases
  12. Amendments to leases
  13. Lease guarantee agreements
  14. Farm leasing
  15. Warehouse leasing
  16. Dry storage / dock slip rental agreements
  17. Billboard lease agreement
  18. Storage space lease
  19. Termination of lease
  20. Assignment and assumption of lease agreements
  21. Leases with option to purchase
  22. Leases with rights of first refusal

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