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Types of cases we handle:

  1. Estate Litigation, including removal of personal representative, recovery of estate property, petition for elective share
  2. Breach of contract
  3. Leasing Disputes
  4. Fraud Litigation and Defense
  5. Real Estate disputes
  6. Mechanics' liens
  7. Business partner disputes
  8. Fiduciary Litigation, including abuse of power of attorney
  9. Proceedings to modify, reform, or terminate a trust
  10. Guardianship Litigation
  11. Lienholder's Petition for Release of Seized Motor Vehicle
  12. Replevin, Claim and Delivery
  13. Trespass
  14. Disputes between co-owners of property (partition proceedings)
  15. Responding to subpoenas


Seay Law Firm, PLLC handles select civil litigation matters.  We have successfully represented businesses and individuals as Plaintiffs, Defendants and other interested parties in North Carolina courts.


You can contact us at (910) 763-2525 to discuss Seay Law Firm, PLLC  civil litigation representation.

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