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The attorneys at Seay Law Firm, PLLC help draft and prepare employment contracts and agreements of all kinds. We can also review employment contractual terms to help our clients determine their rights and obligations. We assist businesses, employers, and employees.


In many cases, we can assist our clients with employment contract matters on a flat-fee basis. This means that you know what your legal costs associated with an employee contract will be before we begin work.


The following are common employment contracts that we offer assistance with:

  1. Non-compete agreements
  2. Physician employment agreement
  3. Doctor employment agreement
  4. Dentist employment agreement
  5. Nurse practitioner employment agreement
  6. Executive officer of corporation
  7. Executive officer of non-profit
  8. Radiologist employment contract
  9. Employee confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement
  10. Employment agreement with hourly wage
  11. Employment agreement for salesperson based on commission
  12. Office manager employment contract
  13. Employment agreement for mid-level manager
  14. Supervisor employment contract
  15. Start-up company employee contract
  16. Bookkeeper employment contract
  17. Tech support employee contract
  18. Hotel manager employment contract
  19. General employee agreement
  20. Purchasing officer employment contract
  21. Manager of retail store employment contract
  22. District sales manager employment contract
  23. Sales representative employment contract
  24. Financial analyst employment contract
  25. Consultant employment contract
  26. Occupational physical therapist employment contract
  27. News reporter employment contract
  28. Shop manager for car repair employee contract
  29. Home health care service provider employment contract
  30. Security guard employment contract

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