Easement problems and issues can arise in many forms.

Our easement real estate attorneys are often called to assist clients with easement matters throughout southeastern North Carolina.  We help our clients in creating, reserving, preserving, and terminating easements. We have assisted clients with extensive title research to determine the existence and scope of easement rights. The attorneys at Seay Law Firm, PLLC also represent clients in resolving conflicts and litigation matters regarding easements and enforcement of easement rights.

Our services include advising, counseling, and litigating easement issues involving:

  1. Drafting easement documents
  2. Interpreting easement documents
  3. Implied easements arising by necessity
  4. Implied easements arising by prior use
  5. Title searches to determine easement rights
  6. Access easements for ingress and egress
  7. Cart-way proceedings
  8. Prescriptive easements
  9. Easements by estoppel
  10. Termination of easement rights
  11. Subordination agreements
  12. Easements by dedication
  13. Utility easements
  14. Preservation of private easement rights
  15. Easement for minor encroachment

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