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One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is obtaining sound legal advice from a trusted attorney. The business lawyers at Seay Law Firm, PLLC offer exceptional legal services to businesses and corporations at affordable, small firm rates.  Business law is one of Seay Law Firm's key practice areas.  We regularly represent various business, large and small, in a wide range of business transactions and disputes.


Our business attorneys handle transaction matters, such as contract planning, contract review, lease review, employment planning and agreements, partnership/member/shareholder arrangements, and the sale or purchase of a company and its assets.  We also help new businesses get started on a solid foundation.


If a dispute arises, we assist our business clients achieve a resolution with a mind towards efficiency and effectiveness.

We strive to insure our business clients receive sound advice that combines practical experience with our in depth knowledge of North Carolina business law.


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Representative Industries

Below is a list of various business industries that we represent:

  1. Builders & contractors
  2. Shopping center owners and developers
  3. Gyms and Fitness Centers
  4. Restaurants
  5. Heating and Air Service Providers
  6. Electrical suppliers
  7. Real estate brokers
  8. Property management firms
  9. Commercial Landlords
  10. Residential Landlords
  11. Health care service providers
  12. Doctors
  13. Dentists
  14. Vetenarians
  15. Brokers
  16. Manufacturers
  17. Building suppliers
  18. Forestry management services
  19. Real estate investment entities
  20. Developers
  21. Motor vehicle dealerships
  22. Boat dealerships
  23. Vehicle repair services
  24. Engineering service providers
  25. Tourism businesses



Below is a list of services we provide to our business clients

  1. Starting and Forming a Business
  2. Buying and Selling a Business and Acquisitions
  3. Employment contracts
  4. Real estate holding LLCs
  5. Business leasing matters
  6. Partner disputes
  7. Fraud litigation 
  8. Breach of contract
  9. IRC 1031 real estate exchanges
  10. Contract review
  11. Lease review
  12. LLC operating agreements 
  13. Corporate by-laws
  14. Shareholder agreements
  15. Member agreements
  16. Security agreements
  17. Purchase and sale agreements
  18. Promissory notes
  19. Employment law
  20. Non-compete agreements
  21. Asset purchase agreement
  22. Business dissolution 
  23. Voting trust agreements
  24. Shareholder buy-sell agreements
  25. Contract planning
  26. Business planning
  27. Conversion of business entity into another entity, foreign or domestic
  28. Vendor contracts
  29. Guaranteed payment agreements
  30. Waivers of liability


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