Effective Guardianship Representation

Seay Law Firm, PLLC can represent clients in connection to incompetency and guardianship petitions and proceedings before the Clerk of Court in New Hanover County. Attorney James Seay often serves as court appointed guardian ad litem on behalf of respondents in guardianship matters in New Hanover County. His experience as a guardian ad litem on behalf of respondents enables James to better assist his clients in guardianship petitions and proceedings.   

When is an Incompetency and Guardianship Proceeding necessary? 

When a person becomes mentally incapacitated or physically incapacitated, it may be necessary for a close family member or other interested party to instigate incompetency and guardianship proceedings before the clerk of court. This is especially true when there is no durable or healthcare power of attorney in place, otherwise permitting a loved one to make important decisions. If your spouse, child, parent, or other loved one is not capable of taking care of himself or herself and cannot manage his or her affairs or finances, it may be time to consider options.   

Seay Law Firm can help you in your guardianship matter

A Seay Law Firm guardianship attorney can help you throughout the guardianship process before the clerk of court in New Hanover County. We offer assistance to our clients with both contested and uncontested guardianship matters. We know guardianship matters can be straining and emotionally draining on families. Our attorneys make every effort to minimize our client's stress, insuring they are comfortable as possible throughout the process. We are always efficient, fair, easy to communicate with, and understanding.   


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