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Selection of the right counsel is crucial to your case's success

Our litigation attorneys have successfully represented businesses and individuals, both as Plaintiffs and Defendants in North Carolina courts. Our clients have trusted us with a variety of civil and commercial disputes with individuals, businesses, customers, property owners, employers, employees, and other parties.


If you are faced with the prospect of civil litigation, you need someone who can give you advice that combines practical decision making with the willingness to take cases to trial when negotiations fail.


The overall strength of your case can often depend on having the right legal counsel. The attorneys at Seay Law Firm, PLLC advocate for our clients to reach a favorable result in each and every case. We guide our clients through the legal process with honest advice, open channels of communication, and steadfast devotion. We are skilled at presenting our client's position in a compelling fashion.


We take an individual and personalized approach to each client and each case

Our clients receive individual attention from our attorneys.  We are easy to communicate with and responsive to our client's questions and concerns. Seay Law attorneys can thoroughly review the circumstances surrounding your case and thoroughly advise you as to your options and best course of action. 

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Matters we handle:

  1. Breach of contract
  2. Fraud Litigation and Defense 
  3. Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Claims
  4. Real Estate disputes of all kinds
  5. Easement disputes
  6. Actions to quiet title
  7. Adverse possession
  8. Boundary line disputes
  9. Wills and estate litigation
  10. Invalid wills
  11. Mechanics' Liens
  12. Leasing Disputes
  13. Enforcement of judgments and collections
  14. Collections Defense
  15. Business partner disputes
  16. Accidents and personal injury
  17. Disputes between co-owners of property (partition proceedings)
  18. Foreclosure defense
  19. Property damage
  20. Nuisance
  21. Responding to subpoenas

You can contact us at (910) 763-2525 to discuss Seay Law Firm, PLLC representing you in civil litigation.

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